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23 Leadership Way, Wangara
Tel: (08) 9303 2223
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210.00 AUD with 0
210.00 AUD without 0
R2437 Fresh Whole Lamb(20kgApprox) Packed in Trays
2xLeg Roast , Neck Sliced , Shoulder Chops , Rack Chops , Loin Chops ,
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195.00 AUD with 0
195.00 AUD without 0
R2436 Whole Spit Lamb Approx 19/20kg
Whole Lamb For Spit Aprox weight 20kg
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37.50 AUD with 0
37.50 AUD without 0
R2235 Lamb Leg Roast 2.5 kg pack
Lamb Leg Roast 2.5kg Pack
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39.50 AUD with 0
39.50 AUD without 0
R2236 Boneless Leg of Lamb Rolled 2kg
Rolled - Deboned 2kg Portion
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36.00 AUD with 0
36.00 AUD without 0
R2055 Lamb Rack Roast (Fully Frenched)
Fully French Lamb Rack Roast / Kg
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31.90 AUD with 0
31.90 AUD without 0
R2430 Lamb Rack Roast(Frenched-Cap on)
Frenched Cap-on Lamb Rack Roast / Kg
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40.00 AUD with 0
40.00 AUD without 0
R2193 Crumbed Lamb French Cutlets P/kg
Crumbed Lamb French Cutlets P/kg
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11.90 AUD with 0
11.90 AUD without 0
R2054 Lamb Forequarter Cutlets P/kg
Delicious foreqauerter cutlets
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17.99 AUD with 0
17.99 AUD without 0
R2060 Lamb Leg Chops p/kg
Lamb Leg Chops p/kg
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8.50 AUD with 0
8.50 AUD without 0
R2073 Lamb Riblets P/kg
Meat King's finest lamb riblets! per kg
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17.99 AUD with 0
17.99 AUD without 0
R2053 Lamb Loin Chops P/kg
Best Loin Chops in the West!
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38.99 AUD with 0
38.99 AUD without 0
R2193 Lamb French Cutlets P/kg
French Cutlets per kg
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12.50 AUD with 0
12.50 AUD without 0
R2070 Lamb Mince 1kg
Lamb mince goodness!
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11.50 AUD with 0
11.50 AUD without 0
R2065 Lamb Shanks Tipped p/kg
Tender and fresh. Just the best from the Meat King!
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18.50 AUD with 0
18.50 AUD without 0
R2071 Lamb Dice p/kg
Little bits of tenderness!
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13.50 AUD with 0
13.50 AUD without 0
R2059 Lamb Curry Cubes p/kg
Perfectly sized curry cubes with bone
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7.90 AUD with 0
7.90 AUD without 0
R2067 Lamb Neck Sliced(Chops)p/kg
Delicacy! Tender Lamb Neck!
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29.95 AUD with 0
29.95 AUD without 0
R2148 Lamb Fillet/Tenderloin
Lamb Fillet
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13.95 AUD with 0
13.95 AUD without 0
R2267 Lamb Whole Rib -Cracked- Each
Lamb Whole Rib with Brisket -Cracked -
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Deliveries to Perth suburbs only.
Free Deliveries over $150 per order.
Delivery Mon-Thurs - No Deliveries Fridays&weekends! Please allow  1 day processing time for deliveries!
Please include delivery date preference in notes section of payment form. Any order not specified "Delivery" will be seen as a pick from factory.
Orders placed during the week, before 12H00 can be picked up the following day -- Orders need to be collected between 11am & 3pm on weekdays..
Sorry, we are closed on Sat & Son!
Meat King Wholesalers is Perth's best source of wholesale meat! Our range of meats are Halal and at screaming low prices! All the meat you need at the touch of a button. Buy online now!
Meat at bulk and wholesale prices!
Meat King Wholesalers, based in Wangara, Perth, WA is the leading supplier of wholesale meat in Perth. Order meat online at bulk and wholesale prices by using the Meat King Online butchery store below. You can have your order delivered (spend more than $150) or pick it up yourself at 23 Leadership Way, Wangara,WA!
Delivered to your door!
Lamb Meat in Perth
YG Beef Fillet Medallions/steaks - Special!
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Spring SPRECIAL ! !