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23 Leadership Way, Wangara
Tel: (08) 9303 2223
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We are an ONLINE SHOP only.
Every order is freshly done & would be ready for pick up on the following day.  Please use the website to place your order for freshly, quality done meat
(Please make sure that you receive an email with confirmation of your order & an order number)


19.90 AUD with 0
19.90 AUD without 0
R1012 Y Rump Steak p/kg
Yearling Rump Steak - Finest Rump Steak!
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23.90 AUD with 0
23.90 AUD without 0
R1025 Yearling T-Bone Steak p/kg
Young WA Beef T-Bone Steak!
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14.90 AUD with 0
14.90 AUD without 0
R1123 Diced Steak p/kg
Like a steak...but diced into cubes of goodness.
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74.00 AUD with 0
74.00 AUD without 0
R1013 Whole Rump 5kg Yearling
Whole Rump approx weight 5kg $14.80 P/kg
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55.00 AUD with 0
55.00 AUD without 0
R1124 Whole StripLoin(Around2.5Kg) p/each
Whole Striploin approx weight 2.5kg $22.00 P/kg
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13.50 AUD with 0
13.50 AUD without 0
R1006 Regular Beef Mince p/kg
Only the best from the Meat King!
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42.00 AUD with 0
42.00 AUD without 0
R1219 Scotch Fillet Steak Yearling p/kg
Scotch Fillet
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42.00 AUD with 0
42.00 AUD without 0
R1011 YG Eye Fillet Steak
100% Good!
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13.40 AUD with 0
13.40 AUD without 0
R1232 Beef Blade Roast p/kg
Beef Blade Roast (approx weight 3 -5 kg)
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13.50 AUD with 0
13.50 AUD without 0
R1038 Top Side Roast p/kg
Topside Roast
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14.50 AUD with 0
14.50 AUD without 0
R1207 Beef Stirfry p/kg
The best stirfry - Ever!
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13.50 AUD with 0
13.50 AUD without 0
3063 Beef Rib-Riblets /kg
YG Beef Short Rib cut to single portions
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13.90 AUD with 0
13.90 AUD without 0
R1032 Gravy Beef p/kg
Gravy Beef
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68.00 AUD with 0
68.00 AUD without 0
R1114Tenderloin Whole ( 1,8 kg each)
100% Young Beef Goodness
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14.10 AUD with 0
14.10 AUD without 0
R1026 Casserole/Stewing Steak p/kg
Casserole Steak
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27.90 AUD with 0
27.90 AUD without 0
R1014 Porterhouse Steak p/kg
Porterhouse Steak
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13.20 AUD with 0
13.20 AUD without 0
R1031 Blade Steak p/kg
Blade Steak
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15.90 AUD with 0
15.90 AUD without 0
R1005 Beef Mince (Low Fat) p/kg
More Beef, Less Fat!
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10.50 AUD with 0
10.50 AUD without 0
R1111 Corned Silverside -Each(1Kg)
Corned Silverside approx weight 1kg 10.50 EACH
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17.50 AUD with 0
17.50 AUD without 0
R7158 Ox Tail p/kg
The essential ingredient in an ox tail stew - Pure Ox Tail
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8.90 AUD with 0
8.90 AUD without 0
R6004 BBQ Sausage p/kg
BBQ sausage
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6.90 AUD with 0
6.90 AUD without 0
R6001 Beef Hamburger Patties- 5 per tray
Hamburger Patties
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8.90 AUD with 0
8.90 AUD without 0
R6433 Chilli BBQ Sausage(freshly Frozen 1Kg)
Chilli BBQ Sausage(freshly Frozen 1Kg)
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Deliveries to Perth City suburbs only. 
Free Deliveries over $250 per order(Perth CBD & Surrounding only)
Charged deliveries for:
(Orders over $250 / per order)
1.All areas south of Armadale Rd(Road#14) = $30 /delivery
2. All areas east of Roe Hwy(Road#3) = $25 /delivery
3. Alkimos/Yanchep = $25 / delivery
Deliveries on Mon to Thursday
No Deliveries Fridays&weekends! Please allow  2 days processing time for all orders!
Please specify in "comments" if order is for delivery or pick up...
 -- Orders would normally be ready for collection between 11am & 3pm on weekdays..
Sorry, we are closed on Sat & Son!
Meat King Wholesalers is Perth's best source of wholesale meat! Our range of meats are Halal and at screaming low prices! All the meat you need at the touch of a button. Buy online now!
Meat at bulk and wholesale prices!
Meat King Wholesalers, based in Wangara, Perth, WA is the leading supplier of wholesale meat in Perth. Order meat online at bulk and wholesale prices by using the Meat King Online butchery store below. You can have your order delivered (spend more than $250) or pick it up yourself at 23 Leadership Way, Wangara,WA!
Delivered to your door!
Lamb Meat in Perth
Fresh WA Lamb directly from farms in the wheatbelt to your table!!
 -STILL ONLY - $199
Juicy Young Beef Eye Fillet @ $68 / each   (1.8 - 2 kg each)
Please Note - we do not have a "walk in" Butcher shop at our premises - Any purchase has to be made via the on-line ordering system.  
Lamb Spit
Why not have a LAMB on the spit!? Celebrate Australia Day with a Lamb on the SPIT! $200 for a 20Kg lamb(spit Roast not supplied or included )